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Our Theory

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How We Work



Our theory focuses on what you want to accomplish rather than fitting your goals into a pre-existing estimate. Instead of focusing on hours and resources spent completing a project, we like to shift our mindset to "how cool would it be if we could do this and it works out great?". Time and effort is focused on what will be the most valuable for our clients - which comes from learning about you and your business. We outline the scope of the project for you, and find a solution that works along existing constraints you might have (time, budget, or existing software). Beware of the limiting question "is this possible?". Everything digital can be made possible, the question we like to ask is "how can we make this possible?".



There are hundreds of ways to solve any problem. Which goes back to our favourite challenge "how can we make this possible?". We move fast to explore all the ideas, software, and trends that could be part of the solution to your problem. The result is a creative solution that's been rapidly iterated by our cross-trained team.



The final phase of the project combines everything we've learned above to produce a finished, working application. Our technology stack leaves room for project expansion and allows us to redefine and refine the product over time.



Trends, standards, and what will work for you is ever changing. What works today won't always work for tomorrow. We stand behind our products and guide you through maintaining and continually improving your product so that it stays up to date.

What Our Clients Say

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Group 4
Live Furnished

Theory Digital Planned and executed an extremely effective strategy that has allowed us to make data driven decisions, convert more leads and increase our bottom line.

Connor Moore
Business Development
Live Furnished
Jobs Alberta

Theory Digital continually provides broad-based forward thinking digital solutions that keeps Jobs Alberta ahead of the curve.

Jason Byrne
Jobs Alberta

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I Start?


Our projects start with a discovery.

Do you have options for payment terms?


Every project and client need is different, we like to work with you to find payment terms that will give us both peace of mind.

Do you do branding as well?


Branding is a key step in any web or product launch. We're happy to help you modernize or come up with a whole new look.